Mobile disposal vehicle - 1200 L

1200 L tank mobile disposal vehicle

The LaborexRail mobile disposal vehicles type II have a higher load capacity and bigger tankage than our mobile disposal vehicles type I. Our mobile disposal vehicles type II are equipped with a 1200 L tank. This type of mobile disposal vehicle is specially designed for flexible mobile disposal of railway carriages and has the major advantage that they are usable at different locations.

Caracteristics discharge unit type II

The LaborexRail discharge unit type II not only pump the disposal out of passenger railway coaches, but also have the option to rinse these railway carriages with pressurized water. This last option is not possible with our discharge unit type I.

Flexible capabilities

The LaborexRail mobile disposal units type II ensure a universal applicability on different electric vehicles and trailers. All LaborexRail discharge units can be used at different locations or can be the perfect temporary solution pending a fixed installation.

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Mobile disposal vehicle - 1200 L
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