Our strengths

More than 50 years of experience and cooperation with railways, metro and LRT

Over the years, our know-how and service has made us a global player in the railways, metro and LRT. For over 50 years we have been internationally active in the railways, metro and LRT and we specialize in vacuum railway wastewater systems, railway blasting cabinets and industrial parts cleaning machines. Being innovative is of paramount importance to us. We take care of the developing process entirely in house. The package that we offer you is complete, our experience very high. Together we decide which is the most suitable type of machine for your application. Each cleaning problem is different and requires its own approach. Our creative, professional and total approach ensures that you get the most efficient solution.

   General Managers Wim and Luc Kuysters

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We offer a complete solution

In particular, we are specialized in the development and production of vacuum wastewater and train toilet systems for the daily maintenance of trains. We ensure that faeces and wastewater from the lavatory areas can be removed via several suction posts all connected to one central unit.

Besides emptying the wastewater tanks each suction post can be equipped with the following options:

  • A vacuum cleaning hose to clean the trains carpets
  • A rinsing hose to rinse the tanks
  • A hose to add "blue product" typical for high speed rail
  • Water to provide the train with fresh water
  • Heated soapy water to perform cleaning activities
  • Compressed air for maintenance and repair
  • 2 electrical outlets, one for 1 x 200 V, one for 3 x 400 V

This unique patented solution makes it possible to evacuate faeces and carpet dust throughout the same evacuating pipelines.


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Engineering in cooperation with the client

Together with you we will work out a customized solution, because any cleaning problem requires an unique approach. We do not stand still and we think forward, together with our Engineering Department, so that better and more efficient industrial parts cleaning machines can be built with focus on the right chemistry. We meet your specific cleaning and application requirements, so that you get the most efficient solution.

3D model in SolidWorks of how the machine/system will look   The full electric and automation process

           Mechanical Engineering                                  Electrical Engineering

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After-sales adapted to production

Top quality machines for railways, metro and LRT

All our railway wastewater systems, railway blasting cabinets and industrial parts cleaning machines are developed and produced in house since 1960, which results in high quality products. All our railway machines comply with the CE machinery directive and are characterized by their reliability. Even after the purchase of your equipment we continue to follow up.

All machines are built on a special 100 % horizontal welding floor   A team of highly skilled welders and technicians   The final assembly in our assembly Department

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Service trucks

Our service trucks are fully equipped. We guarantee an excellent after-sales service. This means that most situations can be handled at once.

We have a permanent team for delivery and installation of all equipment   Qualified technicians   Professional maintenance

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Rail maintenance contract

For peace of mind, most customers sign a rail maintenance contract with us. Through conducting regular rail maintenance we avoid unexpected machine failures and thus high costs and also the life of your railway machine increases considerably.

Each part is in stock

Having a strong after-sales service is one thing, having the right parts in stock another. We have a large warehouse where over 4,000 parts are in stock. Should something fail on your railway wastewater system, blasting cabinet or cleaning system, you can count on your machine being back in service within 24 hours. In certain circumstances or emergencies, bridging machines can be placed to keep your production running.

Parts warehouse   A large warehouse where ± 4,000 parts are in stock

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Our own laboratory

The importance of the right chemistry should also not be underestimated.

Extensive analytical equipment

Our laboratory has extensive analytical equipment. This allows us to develop highly specific customized cleaners and we are also able to perform very accurate concentration measurements.

Extensive analytical equipment

Strict quality control

Each incoming and outgoing batch withstands rigorous quality control. This allows us to guarantee you only the highest quality.

Strict quality control

Personalized advice

Due to our years of knowledge and experience, we have built an extensive range of industrial cleaners. Do you have cleaning problems and you don’t know how to solve these? Please contact us for personalized advice, we are glad to help you.

Highly trained personnel

We have a permanent team available for supply and installation of your railway machine. Besides that, there is another team that provides professional maintenance. Our qualified technicians undergo training on a regular base.

Highly trained personnel   Engineering Department

  • 35
    disposal network systems for train maintenance
  • More than 20 machines for RATP
  • 15
    years of collaboration with Dutch Railways
  • Over 20 workshops equipped

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