Vacuum wastewater systems

Advantages of LaborexRail mobile disposal systems

  • We manufacture all mobile CET-systems (controlled emission toilet systems) in stainless steel, which increases service life and avoids rust.
  • During our designing process, we decided to use a carbon filter to avoid smells and noise coming from the train toilet emptying system.
  • Most vacuum wastewater systems are equipped with a palettes vacuum pump. The main disadvantage of this type of pump is you often need to maintain it due to greasing. That is why LaborexRail has developed a much user-friendlier, semi-automatic train toilet cleaning system.
  • All our automatic CET-systems can be equipped with a rinsing device.
  • We attach the trailers on any kind of electric vehicle.
  • We are very flexible as fare as personal adjustments are concerned. We are experts in reducing the system’s weight, coping with difficult access, etc.
  • Our own experts are specialized in maintaining these mobile disposal systems. On top of that, you’ll experience a top-notch after-sales service.
  • We keep a history of all error messages.

Advantages of LaborexRail supply and disposal networks

  • We construct concrete gutters flawlessly between rail tracks. On top of that, we install a double suction unit every 24 meters, one unit for the left side, and one for the right. This means we offer an attractive price-quality ratio.
  • People flush just about anything down the toilet. Experience has taught us to install our vacuum disposal systems in a way that avoids obstacles blocking the pipes.
  • We centralize everything in one unit. This CET-system drains the train toilets and rinses the tanks, is a vacuum disposal system and offers a compressed air connection with city water plus a 220 V + 3x 400 V electrical outlet, and so on.
  • Rust stands no chance against this installation, which we construct in stainless steel. This greatly increases the CET-systems’ lifespan.
  • All our automatic CET-systems withstand the most extreme conditions, operating in ambient temperatures between -40 °C and + 50 °C.
  • In Belgium, we install the units along the rails. We attach the suction heads using brackets or reels.
  • Our controlled emission toilet systems offer Profibus Ethernet, so everyone responsible can monitor it on his or her own computer.
  • We monitor the entire CET-system. Thanks to our GPRS system, we are able to perform remote interventions when necessary.
  • We integrate these Railway wastewater systems into existing infrastructures as well. The suction posts don’t compromise the stability of the existing tracks, because they hardly require a foundation.
  • Choose to sign a maintenance contract and increase the lifespan and quality of your CET-system.

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