Mobile railway disposal systems - train toilet system

Reliability, comfort, design and quality are the keywords of our mobile disposal systems. All LaborexRail mobile railway disposal systems have a maximum flexibility and high operational readiness and are light in weight.

LaborexRail covers the entire development of your mobile disposal systems, which we tailor to your wishes and needs. That includes the size of the mobile Controlled Emission Toilet system or CET-system, regardless of the substructure and the party that provides it.

What are mobile disposal systems and why do you need them?

Mobile disposal systems are used for emptying vacuum toilets on passenger trains in maintenance depots as well as in the field. These are smaller vacuum sewerage systems, which are placed on electric trucks and are used in places with too little space for a fixed installation. Or where there are too few trains to justify such a cost.

 Mobile disposal systems sales are increasing also for emergency purposes, for instance when a train comes to a standstill for a longer period of time. In some countries, this is a more beneficial alternative instead of a fixed system.

Wide range of mobile train toilet systems

We offer a wide range of self-propelled electric vehicles and trailers, which vary in size from small (width ± 1100 mm) to large (width ± 1500 mm) electric vehicles, depending on your space/passage:

What’s to consider when purchasing a mobile disposal system?

The space between the train tracks is the most determining factor when choosing a mobile disposal system. Another important factor is the amount of trains involved, because of the required reservoir capacity.

Advantages of LaborexRail mobile disposal systems for train toilets

  • All LaborexRail controlled emission toilet systems and mobile disposal systems are entirely manufactured in stainless steel. Consequently all LaborexRail mobile disposal systems show no rust and offer a long service life
  • During the designing stage of our mobile disposal systems, we tackled both smell and noise of these systems by installing an activated carbon filter to avoid bad smell and a silencer to avoid noise.
  • Typically mobile railway disposal systems are equipped with a palettes vacuum pump. The main disadvantage of this type of pump is that it is very sensitive to maintenance due to greasing. That is why LaborexRail has developed a system that permits a semi-automatic process. This mobile disposal system is much more user-friendly.
  • All our mobile disposal systems can be equipped with a rinsing device.
  • The trailers can be built on any type of electric vehicle.
  • Personal adjustments are always possible in favor of reducing weight, taking difficult accesses, etc. We are very flexible.
  • The maintenance of these controlled emission toilet systems and mobile disposal systems can be done entirely by our own people. We guarantee an excellent after-sales service.


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