Blasting media

  • Aluminium oxide is an electrocorundum medium with very hard and tough grains making it highly wear-resistant.
    Our range includes pink and white corundum.

  • The ceramic material gives a fine roughness to the blasted surface with minimum material removal and low wear for your blasting equipment.
    Much less maintenance makes these ceramic beads a popular blasting medium.

  • ​Glass beads are fine, round, solid glass granules. It is a non-metallic blasting medium produced from natron glass. Because glass does not cause a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with other materials, there is no rust formation whatsoever on the surface treated.

  • Plastic beads are an angled and soft blasting medium.

Blasting media for all applications

Many different kinds of blasting materials are available today.

Choosing the right type of blasting medium depends on factors including:

  • The blasting principle (wet blasting, injector or pressure blasting, wheel blasting)
  • The product to be blasted (material type, geometry)
  • The process required (coating removal, matting, satinising, polishing, rust removal, deburring, etc).

Our range of blasting media

Our range consists of the following blasting media:

  • Glass beads
  • Ceramic beads (Zirblast)
  • White and pink aluminium oxide (Korund)
  • Plastic granules

Advantages of our blasting grit

Our blasting media are available in different sizes, shapes (round/angled) and hardnesses, and are highly suitable for recycling (multiple use).

Recycling media saves money and resources and ensures a dust-free and healthy environment. The blasting grit is collected, cleaned and re-used.

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