Cleaning small parts traction motors for trains/metro

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Machine description

Industrial parts cleaning machine for the cleaning of small parts of traction motors for trains/metro.

Type: front loader R-15 RVS-W/E with 2 tanks


  • Cleaning system with 2 tanks: wash (6 Bar) + rinsing (4 Bar)
  • Oil separator and grease separator
  • Vapour condenser
  • Electrical metering pumps
  • Receiving bin incl. detection system

General features of a front loader

  • Clean and degrease, rinse, dry and phosphate metal or plastic parts
  • Without handling,
  • in a closed system,
  • with continuous filtration and
  • without drying time

Further information

More technical detailed information can be found on industrial parts cleaning machines front loaders

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General brochure of our cleaning machine R-15 2 tanks

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Industrial parts cleaning machine for the cleaning of small parts of traction motors
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