Industrial parts cleaning machines for train, metro and LRT

The purity requirements play an important role in the railway, tain metro and LRT industry. The railway, metro and LRT industry develops and renews itself constantly, as a result of which the parts ask a deeper and more careful cleaning. A dirt particle can lead to mechanical failure or other serious defects. Therefore we constantly strive to make our industrial parts cleaning machines for railway, train, metro and LRT meet the highest purety requirements and norms.

Specialized in industrial and cleaning techniques, we offer eco-friendly and efficient total railway cleaning systems for train, metro and LRT.

Each cleaning problem is different and requires an individual approach. The package that we offer you is complete, our experience very high. Together we choose the most suitable industrial parts cleaning machine for your application. Being innovative is therefore of paramount importance to us. 

All our industrial parts cleaning machines are developed and manufactured in-house, which results in high quality products. Our railway cleaning systems comply with the CE machinery directive and are characterized by their reliability.

Railway cleaning

Cleaning of:


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After-sales service

Even after purchase of your railway cleaning system, we continue to follow up.

We have a permanent team available for supply and installation of railway wastewater systems. Besides that, there is another team that provides professional maintenance. Our qualified technicians undergo training on a regular base.

Our service trucks are fully equipped. We guarantee an excellent after-sales service. This means most situations are handled at once. Certain industrial parts cleaning machines for railway, metro and LRT work via remote monitoring (remote control).

Cleaning systems maintenance contract

For peace of mind, most customers sign a rail maintenance contract with us. Through conducting regular rail maintenance we avoid unexpected machine failures and thus high costs are avoided and also the life of your railway cleaning system increases considerably.

More than 4,000 cleaning system parts in stock

We have a large warehouse with over 4,000 parts in stock. Should your machine fail, we can guarantee that your railway cleaning system will be operating again within 24 hours. In certain circumstances and emergencies, bridging machines can be placed to keep running.

  • 35
    disposal network systems for train maintenance
  • More than 20 machines for RATP
  • 15
    years of collaboration with Dutch Railways
  • Over 20 workshops equipped

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