Vacuum cleaners

    Daily maintenance of carpets and bench seats

    Besides emptying the wastewater tanks, each suction post can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner for the daily maintenance of carpets and bench seats.

    Two purposes: dusting and cleaning with water

    The LaborexRail vacuum cleaning systems have two purposes:

    • to dust the trains carpets or
    • to clean the trains carpets with water and then dust.

    The fact that the vacuumed dust and dirt are removed through the same pipes as the wastewater, is a unique and patented solution.
    Needless to say, this is much more cost effective in terms of pipes that need to be provided.


    • 35
      disposal network systems for train maintenance
    • More than 20 machines for RATP
    • 15
      years of collaboration with Dutch Railways
    • Over 20 workshops equipped

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