Using a pressure washer: we prefer the product CTEC MR


CTEC MR is a very fast and efficient cleaning product specifically designed for the removal of fuel, oils and greases, solvents and other chemicals.

Cleans slopes, gas stations, spilled fuel oil and other chemicals. It is also suitable as an all-round degreaser/cleaner for all kinds of maintenance such as the cleaning of valves, pipes, gearboxes, etc.

Product specifications

  • Is used for cold/hot cleaning with a sprayer.
  • CTEC MR is also very suitable for the use in floor cleaning machine where petroleum derivatives and products must be removed, such as hydraulic oil, which is difficult to remove even when it is retracted into the floor.
  • Available in drums of 28 kg and 224 kg and containers of 1050 kg.

Instructions for use

  • Spray the product purely with a sprayer and let it soak long enough depending on the dirt.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • In floor cleaning machines 1 to 2 %, apply and brush, soak briefly and absorb.

Safety Data Sheet

Download the Safety Data Sheet of the CTEC MR cleaner:

Cleaning product MR

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