CTEC c3.02

In a rotating spray pressure cleaning machine:
we prefer the product CTEC c3.02


CTEC c3.02 is an aqueous cleaner to clean and degrease all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, in a spray pressure cleaning machine, wash tunnel or brush cleaning machine. In short, it is suitable for use in a machine with a strong agitation.

Product specifications

  • Low temperature: no dirt or lime is deposited. Advantage: the lifespan of the machine will be prolonged.
  • Safe for the user: CTEC c3.02 has a very high biodegradability.
  • Cost saving: through the de-emulsifying effect of this degreaser one gets a longer lifespan of the machine, less maintenance, less wastewater and a better wash quality. The low temperature ensures a lower energy and water consumption and better working conditions.
  • pH: 12,3 (alkaline degreaser).
  • Color: transparent liquid.
  • Available in drums of 28 kg or 224 kg and containers of 1050 kg.

Instructions for use

  • Fill the washing bath for 80 % with water.
  • Heat the bath at a temperature of 45 °C.
  • Add some CTEC c3.02 to have a working concentration of 5 %.
  • Bring the bath at level by adding water.
  • Wait until the wash water is at the correct working temperature, ie 45 °C.
  • Both machine and filled bath are now ready for use.

Safety Data Sheet

Download the Safety Data Sheet of the CTEC c3.02 degreaser:

Degreaser c3.02

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