Railway wastewater systems

  • Railway vacuum wastewater and train toilet disposal systems

    LaborexRail railway wastewater systems for railway carriages: from mobile disposal vehicles to complete vacuum supply and disposal networks, vacuum cleaners and cleaning cabinets.
    To be used in the railways, metro and LRT.

    All LaborexRail railway vacuum wastewater systems, vacuum cleaners and cleaning cabinets are uniquely designed and are entirely manufactured in inox. Consequently all LaborexRail systems show no rust and have a long service life.

  • Railway vacuum cleaners

    Besides emptying the wastewater tanks, each suction post can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner for the daily maintenance of carpets and bench seats.

    The fact that the vacuumed dust and dirt are removed through the same pipes as the wastewater, is a unique and patented solution.

  • Railway cleaning cabinets

    Our railway cleaning cabinets supply hot and cold water, distribute detergents and have a reservoir for used water.

    LaborexRail cleaning cabinets are made out of stainless steel AISI 304 and are designed for heavy duty use.

    All material are the most resistant towards extreme climate conditions.


Advantages of LaborexRail mobile disposal systems

  • All LaborexRail mobile disposal systems are entirely manufactured in stainless steel. Consequently all LaborexRail mobile disposal systems show no rust and a long service life.  
  • In the design of our mobile disposal systems, we took the smell and noise of these systems into account by installing an activated carbon filter to avoid bad smell and a silencer to avoid noise.
  • Typically mobile disposal systems are equipped with a palettes vacuum pump. The main disadvantage of this type of pump is that it is very sensitive for maintenance due to greasing. That is why LaborexRail has developed a system that permits a semi-automatic working. This mobile disposal system is much more user-friendly. 
  • All our mobile disposal systems can be equipped with a rinsing device.
  • The trailers can be built on any type of electric vehicle. 
  • Personal adjustments are always possible in favor of reducing weight, taking difficult accesses, etc. We are very flexible.
  • The maintenance of these mobile disposal systems can be done entirely by our own people. We guarantee an excellent after-sales service. 
  • We keep a history of all error messages on the electric screens.

Advantages of LaborexRail supply and disposal networks

  • Concrete gutters which can be placed flawlessly between the existing rail tracks and on which a double suction unit is placed every 24 meters (double suction unit =  one for the wagon on the left and one for the wagon on the right) => as a result we offer a very good price-quality ratio.
  • The railway installations are seamlessly manufactured, no obstacle can get stuck in the piping => blockages are not possible anymore => long and flexible curves are used to prevent blockages and pipe losses.
  • All centralized in one unit => these units suck wastewater out of the train toilets and rinse the tanks, vacuum and compressed air connection, soapy water, electrical outlet 220 V + 3 x 400 V, connection with city water => compact unit (= all through one single pipe), the price will be more advantageous per location (= very good price-quality ratio).
  • Installation completely manufactured in stainless steel => rust ↘, lifespan ↗.
  • Installation completely insulated and frost-free => can function up to a temperature of -20 °C.
  • In Belgium, the units are installed alongside the railway track. The suction heads are hung in brackets or reels are used.
  • Integration of Profibus (Ethernet) => each responsible can monitor the installation on his computer.
  • Integration of GPRS in installation => at any time service/maintenance can be granted online.
  • Possibility to sign a maintenance contract => lifespan + quality of the installation ↗.
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